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SheerGuard is a market leader in Home and Office security. We have been providing top security services and been protecting South Africans for over 30 years. We manufacture & install retractable security gates and burglar proofing to international standards and manufacture a wide range of security gates including Polycarbonate, Steel & Expandable Aluminium security gates. We offer 3 main types of Security Gates to suit your needs and budget.

Transparent Security Gates, Expandable Security Gates & Steel Security Gates

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SheerGuard SG (SecurityGate)

Combining strength and durability with a uniquely avant-garde appearance, this ultimate design in security gates is guaranteed to turn heads whilst ensuring a very strong and secure environment for occupants.

Sheerguard’s patented gate design is suitable for both residential and commercial entrances.

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Clear security gate with garden background

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SheerGuard DG (DecoGuard)

The virtually impenetrable security gate which is completely unique to SheerGuard SA!

DecoGuard is a beautiful solution to secure entrances, doorways and passages in your home.

It is also a perfect secured branding solution for retail spaces, hotels, office parks and safari lodges.

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf designs or bespoke cutting to suit both your security and brand requirements.

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Decorated Clear Security Gate


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Please have a look at our range of beautiful steel gates. Contact us for a free quote.


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SheerGuard TrelliGuard Expandable Security Gates

Premium expandable security gates designed to be durable, tough and aesthetically pleasing.

• Available in steel and aluminium gates
• Secured on all four sides (top, bottom and sides)
• Hangs by multiple stainless steel roller bearings in top rack
• No nylon or plastic components
• Solid drop-bolts
• Standard slam-lock feature on all doors
• Powder coated with a wide range of colours available
• Aluminium Warranty – 10 years
• Steel Warranty – 5 years inside and 3 years outsid

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